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single passenger on flight to italy

Travel Conditions in force as of Blue Air Aviation S. See, also, the definition of "Passenger". Unless otherwise provided, this term shall include both carry-on and checked-in baggage. The checked-in baggage includes any object which was weighted, labeled and stowed in the aircraft hold.


For the purpose of notification, the day on which the notice is given shall not be counted. For the purpose of establishing the validity period of the Electronic Ticket, the day upon which the travel starts shall be taken into consideration. Such include the passenger's name, the route on which the passenger will travel, the number of the flight, the date, tariff, charges etc.

Such code shall only be single passenger on flight to italy for your identification in the booking system for the requested flight. No seat is given to an infant who must always be accompanied by an adult. An adult may accompany only one infant. This is proven single passenger on flight to italy the name or code shown on the ticket; "CODE-SHARING" is a marketing arrangement in which an airline places its designator code on a flight operated by another airline and sells tickets for that flight.

Conditions of Carriage | Qantas AU

If any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Carriage is invalid under any applicable regulation, the other provisions shall prevail. We take no responsibility single treffen ahrensburg you show up for a flight for which you have not received a confirmation and, consequently, you are denied boarding.

The Electronic Ticket you bought shall be valid only for the route identified on it and for the Passenger whose name is specified on the Ticket, from the place of departure to the final single passenger on flight to italy, on the day and for the flight specified on such ticket.

The price you paid shall be based on our tariffs and shall be valid for the travel specified on the Electronic Ticket. This is an essential part of the agreement we concluded with you. The tariff for the journey on the Electronic Ticket can be changed by Blue Air before the beginning of the journey.

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Such changes may trigger another calculation of the tariff and the payment of a penalty fare according to the conditions related to the application of the tariff.

You may accept the new price or maintain the initial route specified on the ticket.

single passenger on flight to italy

The rules governing the change of the Electronic Ticket are detailed in the Conditions of Carriage which are listed on our Internet page or which may be sent to you upon request. For changing the date of a ticket bought during a promotion, passengers will also pay the difference of tariff for the service purchased at a discount during the promotion.

single passenger on flight to italy

The address of our registered office is listed at the end of these Terms and Conditions of Carriage. All the correspondence, notifications etc. Your tariff shall be calculated according to our Tariffs valid on the day of payment of the Electronic Ticket in order to travel on the day and route specified on it. Lowest available fare for the selected flight s ; Free airport check-in; Free online check-in, available 3 three days before departure; 1 one single passenger on flight to italy cabin bag of maximum 10 kg and size of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

Check availability here. The change of the tariffs shall be announced on Blue Air website.

Sharing a Business Class Seat

We may impose carrier imposed charges as part of the total price of the ticket, which you may see stated separately in certain displays during the booking process or single passenger on flight to italy your final e-ticket receipt. These carrier-imposed charges include, but are not limited to, the fuel surcharge and the tax for CO2 emissions.

The fuel surcharge will be adjusted in accordance with fuel prices. The amount is included in the total price of the ticket. If you want to consult the availability of this service and the single passenger on flight to italy fare, please contact infoagentii blueair. Upon the payment of the Electronic Ticket, you will be informed of the charges and overcharges which are not included in the tariff, most of them being specified separately on the Electronic Ticket.

The charges and overcharges imposed on air carriage are single passenger on flight to italy on a permanent basis and may also be imposed after the date of purchase of the Electronic Ticket. If the charges or overcharges specified on the Electronic Ticket are increased subsequently to the purchase date, but prior to the beginning of the travel, you will have the obligation to pay them. Also, if new charges are imposed, you will have the obligation to pay such charges as well.

Also, if any new taxes are in place and are valid on the travelling date, you will be obliged to pay for them. All payment amounts are converted to Euro.

Changing the exchange rate single passenger on flight to italy the electronic reservations system will be done every working day at The respective value will be valid until In order to confirm the reservation of the selected lock fare, the payment must be made in full within 48 hours from the time of the fare was locked.

In case you do not finalize the booking within the indicated time, the blocked fare will be automatically cancelled.

Some passengers book one business class seat or use an upgrade and trade use of the seat, splitting time between coach and business class. Is this right? Is it wrong? Have You Seen This Before? On a long-haul flight from Newark to Tokyo, I found a family sharing a single business class seat with three different passengers from the same family each taking a turn plus a baby.

The fare lock service is available only for flights booked at least 7 days before the selected departure date. If you select a return flight, the service is available only for bookings made at least 7 days before the date of the first flight. The fare lock service is available for promotional prices and special offers.

The fare lock service will apply for all selected flights and for all passengers included in the booking. This service guarantees only the single passenger on flight to italy of the fare the ticket price for 48 hours from the moment Blue Air confirms the purchase of the fare lock service. In case of any dispute regarding the date and time of the confirmation, the hour system used by Blue Air will apply. The guaranteed fare will include the services according to the spiel kennenlernen schule of the service package you selected Light, Classic or Premium.

When locking the fare, it is not mandatory to provide the name of all passengers included in the booking, just the first and last name, email address and phone number of the person who requests the fare lock must be provided. The booking for the locked fare must be confirmed before the expiration of the hour period dedicated to the fare lock service.

After the purchase of the fare lock service, you cannot change the selected flights and the number of passengers for the guaranteed price. The names of all passengers associated with a specific booking must be provided during the finalization process of the booking. This service is provided depending on its availability.

The fee for the fare lock service is 3 EUR per passenger per segment.

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The fee for the fare lock service is non-refundable and does not count towards the total fare price or towards any other taxes or fees applied or towards any other prices of other services. You are responsible for the payment of the fare lock service. In such cases, we will contact you in order to verify the payment details. In case we cannot reach you at the available phone number or in case we cannot verify the payment details or the booking details, we reserve the right to cancel the guaranteed price and to refund you the fee for the fare lock.

Conditions of Carriage

If you choose to finalize the locked fare booking, after providing the names of all passengers and after paying the entire amount for the booking guaranteed with the fare lock service, your booking will undergo the present Travel Conditions. Please remember that your booking will not be confirmed before introducing the names of all passengers and before paying the price single passenger on flight to italy the booking in full or other services, if applicable.

Additionally, please remember that the fee for the fare lock will not be counted towards the fare total amount, and in order to finalize the booking, you will have to pay the total amount for the selected price and the included extra services. Blue Air reserves the right to restrict the availability of the fare lock service. In case the scheduled flight you selected and paid the fare lock service for undergoes any changes during the hour single passenger on flight to italy of the locked fare, you can either accept those changes in order to be able to finalize the booking at the guaranteed fare, or request to have the fee for the fare lock service refunded.

The single passenger on flight to italy of this service is to guarantee the fare you selected and does not represent an amount paid as a warranty deposit for the undergoing transport contract. Such confirmation shall be made in writing or by email in the case of telephone bookings.

In the case of on-line bookings, the Confirmation Code shall be listed on the screen, at the end of the transaction. You should type such information because you are required to know that number upon embarkation.

You should not reconfirm a flight for which a Confirmation Number was issued. If the passenger wishes to change the travel details that is: For international flights and domestic routes operated in Italy, the change fee is EUR 40 per passenger per flight segment, and for domestic flights operated in Romania, the change fee is EUR 25 per passenger per flight segment.

These changes made by the passenger may lead to recalculation of the tariff, and if there are differences between the initial fare and the new fares, the passenger will have to pay this difference as well as the charges that are valid at the date of the change. Modifying single treff aurich reservation up to 4 hours before the departure time of the initial flight can be done even if the check-in process has been completed.

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If the change was made less than 12 hours before the departure time of the flight, check-in will be done at the airport. If the flight ticket changes are done online, the changes will be made for all passengers included on the respective booking.

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In order to change the flight for some of the passengers included on the booking, the passenger must contact our Call Centre or Customer Care department. Name changes are no longer allowed on an itinerary once one of the flights on this itinerary has begun, for none of the remaining flights.

Changing the date or route of a booking is only allowed at a higher tariff class or at least equal to the one at which the original ticket was purchased.

Personal data processed under a contractual obligation are retained for specified periods of time that can be viewed in the Company's Privacy Policy.

Imagine this: You've just woken from a minute nap and have to make yourself look perfect in dim light. Someone is tugging frantically at a door clearly labelled 'crew only' thinking it's the bathroom, and another person comes up to you and tells you the toilet is 'disgusting', and the toilet paper has run out. They deliver the message with a sense of anger as if you are personally responsible. One passenger is doing yoga in the aisle, making it impossible to pass, so you try another route only to find another is repacking their suitcase on the back stairs.

Passenger's personal data is processed by Blue Air and communicated to certain contractual partners for the provision of contracted services, such as Blue Air offices and branches, authorized agents, credit companies and card issuers, government agencies processing data, and other companies that are involved in the transportation of the passengers concerned, but only for the purposes set out above.

Passenger data will be disclosed to public authorities upon request, in accordance with applicable law. In the context of the processing of the passenger's personal data for the above purposes, the latter has the following rights: Both the passenger and single passenger on flight to italy person booking the tickets declare that they acknowledge single passenger on flight to italy fact that the airline can use the personal data name, email address, telephone number, nationality, date of birth to enable the electronic transaction and to process this information.

Share this article Share Rows of passengers were divided into two teams by a male member of the cabin crew and played six or seven rounds in a desperate bid to win a 'free bar'. Mr Prudence said:

If the passenger does not wish to receive any information, marketing communications from Blue Air or Blue Air partners, he or she is kindly requested to notify the Airline of this, using the email address mentioned in these Terms and Travel Conditions.

More single passenger on flight to italy about the passenger's personal data processing can be found by visiting the Privacy Policy section on the Company's website. You are able to reserve a specific seat on the aircraft along with your ticket, paying a fee as follows: If you chose not to have a seat assigned at the purchase of the ticket you will be assigned one at check-in.

We reserve our right to assign seats even after boarding on the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, flight safety or security reasons.


If there are passengers who have paid for preferential seats first row and emergency exitsbut for operational, safety or flight security purposes, they could not benefit from them, being reallocated to a place with a lower tariff class than the one initially chosen, the air carrier will reimburse the difference value or fee paid for the preferential seats.

As an exception to the above-mentioned rule, the fee paid for the preferential seat will not be reimbursed to the passengers who paid this tax even though they did not have the right to travel in those seats.

Passengers not accepted to be seated on preferential seats: Our flights are not intended for use in connection with other flights of our company or of other air carriers, except for those sold by us as such. Any connection you make is done on your own risk and you will have to check-in for all connecting flights, except for flights with connection sold as such by us, where you will do the check-in only on the airport of departure and not during transit.

If you have tickets for Blue Air flights with connection, flights sold by us as such, you have the obligation single passenger on flight to italy notify during check-in formalities in the airport of departure that you have a ticket for hennigsdorf singles Blue Air flight with connection. The fulfillment of the travel conditions is a responsibility that rests solely with you.

Passengers that are not present in time for boarding, for any reason, or lacking the necessary travel documents, are considered no-show and lose the right to any refund. Please note that check-in counters open 2 hours before the flight and close 40 minutes before the time set for takeoff, except for the airports mentioned below.

Even if the aircraft is positioned on the ground, for security reasons, we will not accept on board passengers that have not arrived in the hours mentioned in this article. For all Blue Air flights departing from Bucharest - Henri Coanda Otopeni Airport, please take into consideration that the check-in desks Baggage Drop off desks open with 3 hours and 30 minutes before the flight and close single passenger on flight to italy 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

For all Blue Air flights departing from Rome-Fiumicino Airport, please take into consideration that the check-in desks open with 2 hours and 30 minutes before the flight and close with 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

We have no responsibility to you for obtaining the documents necessary for your travel or for observing the laws, regulations, requirements or instructions of which you were informed in writing or otherwise, or for the consequences of the fact that you did not obtain the necessary documents or did not observe the laws, regulations, requirements or instructions given.

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We reserve our right to refuse for travel any passenger whose documents are not according to the laws, rules or instructions regarding the travel. If we have the obligation to pay fines, penalties or other expenses because you did not observe the laws, regulations, orders or other travel-related requirements in the countries of destination or of departure or if we have to obtain for you the necessary documents, you have the obligation to pay us back, upon our request, any cost or expense incurred for such purpose.

In order to recover such costs or expenses, we may take into consideration the value of any transport which you did not use or any other funds in our possession.

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